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CleanStar Mozambique Statement
29 November 2013

Since starting commercial operations in 2012, CleanStar Mozambique (CSM), a ground-breaking project that integrates food and energy systems, has successfully deployed over 25,000 clean cook stoves and 700,000 litres of clean cooking fuel among households in Maputo, Mozambique.

By making bioethanol the preferred solution for a growing number of Mozambican households, CSM makes a difference to the daily lives of thousands of people by replacing environmentally unsustainable charcoal that is traditionally used for indoor cooking. Poor indoor cooking practices are estimated to kill over 4 million people around the world each year, predominantly women and young girls.

Since the start of the company, CSM’s business has consisted of three components, smallholder agro-forestry, ethanol production, and the selling of clean cooking solutions to households in Maputo.

To strengthen its future development CSM has decided to restructure its operations. As part of this, the company will suspend its agro-forestry and ethanol production operations in the Sofala province while conducting a strategic review of the best possible options for continuing these activities, to which CSM remains committed. CSM has therefore commissioned independent consultants to develop a sustainable strategy around the sourcing of biomass and ethanol production for the upstream part of the business.

In making these difficult decisions, CSM has also taken note of the growing security concerns in recent months in the Sofala province in Mozambique.

In the interim, an alternative supply of ethanol sourced from within the region will be used to continue to supply Maputo’s households.

CSM has worked with local government to ensure that its decision to suspend operations in the Sofala province will not be detrimental to the local communities and other stakeholders in the region.

For further information please contact Kevin Endres, CEO, CleanStar Mozambique Lda
E-mail: Telephone: +258 843137626
Clean Star Mozambique Community Bioinnovation Limited
The company was established in 2010 and has been funded by Soros Economic Development Fund, IFU (The Danish Investment Fund for Developing Countries) and Novozymes. With operations in Mozambique the company embarked on a ground-breaking project that integrates food and energy systems with the objectives of improving family health, increasing farmer incomes and nutrition, and protecting Mozambique’s forests. Clean Star Mozambique currently employs 71 full time employees in Mozambique.